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Apple App Store Hits 10 Years

With the App Store turning ten years old, there’s an entire generation out there who didn’t grow up using a controller, or a keyboard & mouse…

Benefits of Manual Testing

In today’s world, “manual” may sound like an outdated word. But manual testing still has an important role to play…

Kotlin Strings and Things

In this post I’ll take  a look at what can be done to make your life, working with Strings, more pleasant…

The Cost of an App

How much does a App cost? I love talking about apps and I mean LOVE it! Hell, myself and Ben started this business so we could do it everyday. Our wish has come true and we get all sorts of weird and wonderful enquiries and ideas every day! We personally try to answer...

Pros and cons of Xamarin development

Originally founded as a commercial entity by Miguel De Icaza in 2011, Xamarin was purchased by Microsoft in 2016 and made in to an open source project…


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