In an age where our mobile phones are constantly in the palm of our hands, it is more important than ever to introduce your business to the digital realm, making your company and its services as accessible and relevant as possible. We deliver ROI driven mobile strategies to businesses and startups.

At Tappable, the first thing we establish is exactly what you want to achieve, or if there are any inefficiencies or challenges your company is facing. We will then assess which type of app would benefit you most and come up with a ROI-driven mobile strategy.

but we don’t need a mobile app?

Generally, people have started to associate the word ‘app’ with consumer-focused products that we use to shop or engage with social content. Whilst this is true to an extent, apps are not restricted to these brilliant functions. Let’s break it down:

The term ‘app’ literally stands for ‘application’… Obvious right? An application in business terms is a process, defined by its orientation around digital and technology platforms. We build apps as a solution to challenges & inefficiencies within your business. We strive to help businesses in a number of different ways using mobile technologies such as increasing efficiency, driving sales, negating risk, sharing data faster and more securely, cost saving, enhancing and simplifying critical communications, marketing tools, new customer offerings and and so many more, all whilst capturing and presenting data in a number of metrics that can really help businesses gain more insight and growth. Where does the ROI come from? Good question. Here are two examples that quantify where mobile apps have helped businesses we’ve worked with:

  • Modernising sales

Current Process:

Imagine you have 50 products, and a field sales team of 20. The sales execs tour the country talking to prospects with wads of paper, laminated ring-bound folders and other sales materials. Picture the ‘pitch’: a cluttered and inefficient environment for the salesman and the prospect.

The Tappable Process:

A salesman equipped with an iPad. That’s all. Simply open the app, ask questions and follow the inbuilt question tree, leading you directly to the next relevant question. All roads end at the right product for that prospect, no clutter and super fast. Input basic details; how much you spend on X, how many Y’s you buy per quarter… then you’re presented with a cost calculator with the right product, the cost savings, and if the prospect shows any interest, one single button sends all the information in a styled PDF directly to the inbox of your potential client.

Simple, modern and efficient.

So how does this impact ROI?

Faster sales meetings so you have the time to see more people. More efficient, accurate quotation process. Impactful pitches to show you’re on the cutting edge of tech (people like that!), and efficient lead management.

  • Mobilising large temporary workforces

Current Process:

You supply waiting staff to the hospitality sector, all temps. You need 75 people to work next Wednesday for a key client’s event. So your team hit the phones, calling hundreds of people seeing who’s available. Then you email and text your entire database for availability. Then the day before, you need confirmation they’re all coming… Back on the phones, emailing all the info, location, hours, dress code, important information to each individual… you get the picture, a labour intensive and tedious process.

The Tappable Process:

Utilise push notifications, sending out a customised message to all the temps on your books who have the app: “who’s available next Wednesday?” Full details of the shift can also shared at this stage. Users accept, or decline. Simple.

One screen shows all the information needed, saving you the great efforts of having 5 back office staff members ringing, texting, emailing, re-ringing, blah blah blah… Just one simple action to send out timesheets, attendance, payment and shift info – all recorded and auditable.

Super efficient.  And your temps will love you too!

How does this impact ROI: Less administrative staff required. Staff have more time to do their daily duties. Better engagement and communication between employees and employer. Unique selling points for clients. Reduces risk of no-shows and overbooking (to compensate no-shows).

How to start the process

You don’t need to know the answers; you just need to know the challenges (which we can also help to establish).

It isn’t your job to know how technology can help. We’re the experts.

Lean on our expertise, experience, knowledge and ability.

We guarantee that technology can help your business in one way or another, and app development with strategic thinking is our core competency. Feel free to challenge the executive team; you’ll be surprised where apps can take your business.

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