With the frequency of news ever increasing regarding struggling retailers, we had an idea to combine in-store and online shopping into a single experience. All the major retailers have their own shopping app to help customers purchase what they wish, a lot easier and convenient than going into stores.  More and more people are using these apps to do their shopping. But customers are losing the opportunity to touch, feel and try products before they purchase, and often items are returned to the retailer because customers didn’t like the product or it didn’t fit.

We thought that retailers could bring an in-store experience to customers doors with a help of the mobile shops. People would continue to choose and order products with the help of the app in the usual manner, but instead of expecting a delivery man with a parcel they should expect a van arriving with chosen items on board to try out.

There are other benefits too.  Customers have a potential to save time and delivery expenses as there is no need to return unwanted items. Companies would save on postal packaging and delivery expenses. The environment will benefit from having fewer trucks running on roads delivering less small packages.  We get it, there will be logistical challenges, but nothing we think can’t be overcome.

I liked the idea a lot and decided to visualise the app part of the idea.

I started by researching user journeys of a traditional shopping app and identifying what would be the differences for the mobile shop app.

For the most part, it is similar in all of the traditional shopping apps – users pick individual items, add those to the basket, select & enter a delivery details, and pay.  But for mobile shopping app, the journey is shorter and simpler as users don’t buy items, they select them to be added to mobile shop for when it will arrive on their street.

And that is the process I wanted to visualise as it will show the biggest difference between traditional online shopping and the mobile shop app, from the users perspective making online shopping experience simple and more efficient.

Think about it, if a House of Frazer van is coming to my street, I’m going to make sure I pre-load it with a good numbers of items in my size so I can buy.  It should create more sales, and more interest in the retailer, from people who would never have gone to the shop.

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