MOBILE APPS: How to Take Opportunities, Pitch Concepts within Your Business & Turn Them into Real Solutions

Businesses, no matter the shape and size, thrive on developing new innovations to solve their pain points. However, this doesn’t mean funding will be handed over to anyone with an idea. In fact, one of the most difficult obstacles for most businesses is convincing the main power houses (board members, directors, investors) to sign off on the budget needed to implement these innovations; especially when it comes to investing in mobile technology, i.e. mobile app development.

If your pitch isn’t quite right, getting the go-ahead from those in charge becomes almost impossible, stopping your idea in its tracks.  To prevent these roadblocks, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to nail your pitch and make your mobile app idea irresistible to your company’s decision makers.

Backed up with real life case studies, we reveal how mobile apps can bring significant benefits to businesses and the people using them.

Our guide covers the following:

  • Identifying the Opportunity – quantifying a business problem and the positive impact from the opportunity (mobile app) being implemented
  • Focusing on ROI – demonstrating the rewards your mobile app idea could have for the business without cost being the main focus
  • Road Mapping – communicating the ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ behind your app mobile app project
  • Delivering Your Pitch – bringing all the steps together, making it hard for your audience to say no
  • Next Steps – getting your mobile app idea up and running with the right resources, e.g. hiring an app developer

If you have a mobile app idea that could significantly help your business, we’re here to help. Not an expert in mobile solutions? No problem. You know your business, and we know the mobile app landscape, so anything is possible together!

Why not contact us and see how we can help turn your mobile app idea into reality.

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