Millennials are at the heart of the digital age, but exactly how engrossed is technology, (their smartphones in particular) into their daily lives?

What would you sacrifice to keep your smartphone?

To find out, we released a survey asking 500 UK males and females aged 18-34 asking what they would forgo if it meant they could keep their smartphones, and the results were pretty surprising…

Our biggest find was that 1 in 10 millennials would rather sacrifice a finger than give up their smartphones.

Common sense…

And that’s not all – almost a quarter (23%) would even sacrifice one of their five senses – touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste.

Smell was the most common sense to be sacrificed, polling in at 64%.

When asked what else they’d sacrifice, 38% of millennials would give up drinking, 16% would stop travelling and 15% would give up sex.

And 10% would happily cut off one finger – of their choice.

One female respondent, who wished to remain anonymous said: “My phone is integrated into every part of my life. I couldn’t possibly live without it”.

The youngest generation are born into a world where they’re never far away from a smartphone or tablet. For phones to play such an important role in their lives is no surprise, especially with the wide range of applications available for dating, travel, and social activities.

What’s the difference?

Our findings were generally unaffected by gender. However, only 10% of male respondents chose their phone over sex, compared to 18% of females.

This coincides with another recent study we conducted, where we discovered that men are over five times likelier to use dating apps than women. Clearly, the balance between talking about it – and doing it is being kept in careful balance, at least by men.

Tappable surveyed over 500 UK males and females aged 18-24 between 21/06/2018 – 23/06/2018 to discover what they would sacrifice to keep their phones. Respondents were asked 10 questions around their lifestyle preferences and had to decide whether their phones were more important. We then analysed the results.


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