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It’s not uncommon knowledge that managing vast amounts of temporary staff and contractors is tough. So, we created a concept for Evolve Recruitment, who do this in the hospitality sector.

Every now and then we invest some time in a potential concept we’d love to pitch into certain businesses. Mobile technology is fast becoming known for being disruptive across many sectors. This is how industry evolves. Be part of the revolution!
  • Knowledge of candidate availability
  • Confirmation of attendance
  • Providing quick and simple information for the candidates, e.g. location, dress code
  • Limits the amount of no-shows &/or double candidate attendance
  • Customer service efficiency. Save time with easily accessible candidate information submissions
  • Client confidence – less complication, less negatives.
  • Candidate communication – get easier, and less intrusive communication channels with candidates
  • Reduce the requirement for manual communications.


Having been approached by many recruitment agencies on both sides of the client table – we decided to investigate ways we could improve the management of such vast amounts of data.



We wanted to create a simple, clear platform which provides candidates a one-stop place for their daily placements, current and upcoming. A planner with dates, locations, vital and useful shift information. Candidates can mark their availability on a system calendar, manage time sheets and make notes – shared and personal.



We would need to consider existing systems and the availability of web service api’s (of course we are able to develop if not available, but this presents bespoke challenges depending on what systems are in place).


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