Hayvin Poker

it’s heads-up poker… with powers


Working with world renowned game artist Michael Heald, and Hayvin Poker in the USA, Tappable were tasked with creating an MVP of the newest poker craze – Hayvin Poker.  It’s a 1 vs 1 game of poker (or heads-up poker if you know your stuff) where you battle through ever more demanding arenas, higher stakes and bigger rewards.


To disrupt a saturated mobile poker market with a game unlike any other in its field.  This is not just poker, it’s a battle of powers, character cards, collectibles and arenas that really take the core values of poker and cast them into a modern day casual-play gaming experience.  The big challenge was not distorting the core gameplay, but more enhancing the experience with subtle powers ups and advantages, or not, over your opponent


A highly scalable and long-play model that is destined to go far.  Built using cutting edge tools, infrastructure management and progression based modelling to gradually grow the gameplay experience through spending minutes at the table.  It’s fast, it’s frantic, it’s a visual delight.  


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