A quick-paced, fun, addictive “card game”.


Imbamboola is a quick-fire, multi-player, card game, similar to the likes of Uno and Snap. It’s simple and easy to learn, but full of strategy and skill.

To create a game that anyone can play, with special effort to include people with colour blindness. By using the world recognised system ColorADD, developed for recognising different colours, ensures an equal playing field for a quick-thinking, multi-player, match game.
  • Fast, addictive, fun
  • Multiplayer quick matching
  • Introducing ColorADD
  • Seamless AI


To bring a classic, interactive, family experience to the mobile screen. Imbamboola is a simple game of matching cards quicker than your opponents. It needs to be a multi-player experience, with fast drop-in and drop-out gameplay. Users should not have to wait a long time for games to start.


Once we were supplied the rules for the game, we quickly set-about testing the game in a real-world environment, using a blank set of playing cards and creating the suits and power-ups. We were able to understand what made the game fun and engaging, and ultimately that it required player availability above all else. From there we were able to present the same intensity, speed and excitement into the mobile version, along with some beautiful UI and engaging sounds


Our past experience with multi-player game considerations is the waiting time for matching players especially in early launch days.

To combat this, we chose to implement a bot system, where users are quickly matched and able to start a game within a matter of seconds, regardless of how many human players are available.

The ai is intuitive and offers a challenge which is very difficult to differentiate from that of a human player.


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