an incredible underwater world, IN partnership with Lidl & TCC Global


With Lidl in the Netherlands looking to promote footfall in stores, in partnership with Retailer Loyalty experts TCC Global, we created an educational game to go hand in hand with an in-store collectibles campaign.  The digital element is designed to drive further engagement with Lidl’s stores by requiring players to collect the physical toys and then scan them in to unlock the characters in the game.



To create a game based at 4-8 year olds that they would enjoy enough to make them want to go and pester mum and dad to go back in store to collect more toys!  The game needed to be simple for that age group, while also being educational with it’s ocean pollution message that is becoming more prominent, and still drive home why Lidl is the place to shop.


It’s educational, fun, and pretty cute to play!  You need to collect the characters, engage with them, play with them, keep the ocean clean and set off on a bunch of educational minigames with your favourite character.  You can also personalise and decorate your very own ocean.


The challenge here was to create a fun, engaging and interesting game that appeals to younger audiences while also containing educational elements about ocean pollution. We accomplished this by theming the gameplay elements around the environmental solutions (cleaning the ocean, taking care of wildlife etc.). By handling it this way, the education came naturally through playing the game and not forced with lectures.


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