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A one-way notice board to manage people, processes and payments. Bridging the gap between personal and practical.

Notifi was the brainchild of Pushpinder Johal. The brief was that we need to create an application & brand that would allow brands, businesses, and anyone who wants to push a message out to a group of people, quickly.

Designed around the idea of replacing the Facebook page posts that go un-noticed. Think of a Yoga teacher for whatever reason can’t make the 7pm class. Normally they post it on their group and ‘hope’ the message gets spread, or they need to contact 20 people individually and don’t always know the names and numbers. Well this is the main problem Notifi solves.

We were tasked with not limiting this app or steering it too heavily towards class instructors, but instead at any business, manager, club organiser, or instructor that wants to use it. It needed a brand, a presence and a slick and simplistic design.

Business Users:

  • See your members in one place
  • Manage data, notices & more
  • Send messages out, to the group, instantly
  • Join other groups
  • Set up your groups & add in members
  • Only you & the member can see each other
  • Simple. Smart. Private.

Group Users:


  • Have your groups in one place
  • Check-in on your noticeboard
  • Stay ‘in the loop!’
  • Connect only to the groups that matter
  • Receive notices to your personal board
  • No noise, just notices!


Given the broad nature of the use of this tool, Notifi needed to allow the most tech-un-savvy person to add multiple people, manage multiple groups, and create simple and fast messages; we later termed these as ‘notices’.

The biggest challenge was to manage the ‘state’ of invited users. You can invite people from your phone book, email, or SMS… So, when users download and register the app, depending on which method they were invited by, needed to have that invite in that group sitting there waiting. Not needing to re-invite people.

The other challenge we faced was the need to offer two app experiences in one: The ‘Member’… & the ‘Business owner’ (aka the one sending out the notices) without creating two apps. Users don’t want to be confused with unnecessary settings and group management tools, but a group manager might want to be in groups, and someone in a group might want to create their own groups.


The Notices themselves are very simple. You just add some or all of the following, and hit send:

  • Heading
  • Text
  • Image
  • Urgent flag (yes or no)
  • Payment required
  • Date …. That’s it.

Then a push notification is sent out to the members of that group, and the message can be read.

Registration is easy and effortless and quickly you get to work out what type of user you are. We chose a very native looking UI across both platforms.

You can

The app offers a very simple dashboard, displaying the groups, what’s new, who’s in it, when the last notice was sent, and how many un-read you have. It’s clean and simple yet packing a tonne of information instantly to the user.



There were two main challenges with this app, creating a unique experience for 2 very different users, whilst not cluttering the UI with unknown features. Secondly, a complex invite system that invites people who don’t currently have the app, but connects their activity when they eventually do download and register.

We created a seamless menu and extremely simple upgrade feature to unlock the business aspect of the app, to counter the multi-user scenario. This helps keeps the app minimalist for the group members.
The users of this app are not using it to browse, to meet people, to read long documents – so the interfaces of Notifi were designed to give an almost native feel, intuitive actions and usability means anyone can use it. Simply.

The invite process was complex, it sounds easy; you invite people to groups, you accept, you decline. Yes – but what if that person doesn’t have the app yet, how do you invite them, then intelligently know that once they have download it and created an account then make sure they get the invite you sent before they had even heard of the app? Well it’s a complex state of confirmed, un-confirmed, active, invited, and current members, all packed into about 3 screens.


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