pabuli is the crème de la crème.


for the finer diners, who believe food is not something that should be merely consumed, but instead be consummate.

Pabuli takes recipes up a gear. A market place to source rare, exquisite ingredients and delicacies. Step by step guides to create masterpieces. Where food, likely to be considered an art form, is made accessible to everyone.

  • Source rare, exquisite ingredients
  • Recipes by real Michelin star chefs
  • Step by step guides
  • Real secrets from real pros


From the delectable palate of Mr Andrew Law, came the vision that is pabuli. We were tasked with creating a stunning and elegant brand – which leading, high-end chefs will be invited to join and struggle to resist.


Here at Tappable we are experts at clean and stylistic design. This application was a perfect canvas for us to get creative. The abril fatface font, has an almost nostalgic feel, while remaining contemporary and bold enough to distract from the purposely considered, lack of colour in the text. The dominance of plain shading is brilliantly used in conjunction with splashes of vibrant colour, intentionally found only in photos of food and profile pictures. This naturally attracts the eye and allows the user to focus on both image and text accordingly – both contrasting and complementing each other, as flavours do in a dish. It’s a pleasure to view and quickly informative at the same time.


As far as app technology goes, the functionality is not ground-breaking here; we didn’t want it to be. There are no gimmicks, there are no pointless features. Everything about this app is deliberate and precise, it encaptures the essence of what it means to be a culinary artist.

If you’re looking for something to eat, the app store is saturated with apps which provide that. If you’re looking for something satisfying and delicious, which may well leave you feeling fancy – Pabuli has taste and substance in abundance.


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