the new way to play poker.


Poker Clash – the exciting & awesome new way to play poker!

We all know how to play poker right? We all know the rules ok? So when someone calls us and says “I’ve invented a new style of Poker, and it’s called Poker Clash” do we laugh? Or do we hear the game idea, learn the rules and play it non-stop for 3 weeks flat? Yes, the latter!
  • Fully 3D environment and gameplay
  • New rules, new style, new game
  • Developed for: iOS and Android
  • Play Vs friends, Enemies & Randoms, whenever you want
  • Win chips, buy chips & earn chips
  • Brand new Poker gameplay & rules
  • Easy to learn and intuitive gameplay
  • Social Media integration
  • Secrets, gifts, and surprises throughout
  • Real money version coming soon
  • Profile and Avatar customisation
  • Climb the rankings and become the best, and the richest!
  • Never before seen rules and style


This is a Cross Platform, 1 vs 1, multiplayer, gaming experience – which has been tipped by experienced Poker players as the next big thing to hit the circuit! We took the game name literally: Poker Clash, and had free roam over branding and styling. So, we created a beast!

We took the medieval battle / knights & blades into the look and feel of it. Our master illustrators created stunning King, Queen & Jack characters, and the branding was completed. The game has been created in 3D to give it the edge over the competition, so expect a 3D environment; knights in shining armour, modern yet medieval tables and gameplay, plus a whole host of other amazing and cool stuff!


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