A stunningly simplE way to print, by Fujifilm


People take a lot of photos, but they rarely print.  This is the conclusion of a comprehensive piece of research by the well known Fujifilm in the UK.  So together with their creative team, we at Tappable set about creating a new brand and a product to reflect the premium offering Fujifilm still provide to their customers on a global scale.


The brief was simple – give people a way to order high quality prints of varying shapes, sizes and quantities with as little taps as possible, without needing an account.  The app needed to stand out visually alongside an already crowded marketplace and position the new brand to lead the printing industry with a unique, emotionally pleasing and trustworthy experience.


The product integrates with Fujifilm’s fulfilment house, complying with the heavy security requirements by Fujifilm. It stood up to external ‘pen testing’ and passed with flying colours on day 1.  The interface is designed to guide users intuitively through the ordering process and builds trust in the new brand from the moment the app is opened.


One of the biggest structural challenges faced was attempting to deliver this experience in a place where users don’t need to create an account, yet still have access to their order history and enjoy friction free ordering.  The app is packed with analytics and behavioural triggers so future releases can be made to handle shopping cart abandonment, and future updates seamlessly.


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