a social networking app, devoted only to fashion!


SnapTag shares new looks and credible opinions, a personal stylist for the public.

Instagram for Fashion. In the simplest of terms this is the guidebook we were given. The challenge was taking the best bits, combining them together and adding a unique layer to allow people to be able to upvote (like) and downvote (dislike).

There needed to be a place that people can go for advice on fashion, FAST. We’ve created it alongside our clients perfect vision, it’s called Snaptag. From users uploading a photo we needed to give them a way to gain approval or dissatisfaction with an outfit or an item of clothing. Think of trying to cater for the person in the dressing room, nervous about their first date trying on outfits but can’t decide and no one to ask, we have to cater for their needs with this app.

Match all this functionality with a desperate need to ‘not be too similar to Instagram’ and you have the brief.

  • Urgent feed with specific notifications
  • Public and private content feeds
  • Activity feed
  • Personal profile
  • Group messaging
  • Up and Down content voting


We needed to provide a point of differentiation with our features, we needed to allow a way to mass spread the message of ‘someone needs advice’ instantly. We needed a brand that stands out and a name that represents quality, trend, and sophistication.

The back end and architecture of the product needed to be carefully thought out, as this product has to be built to scale. The api needs to be fast and light allowing data to be distributed on mass very efficiently. Push notifications would be key to accessing the rich features we planned on integrating.

The product launch strategy is the right one, launch slow, beta test, analyse and listen to focus groups, then implement fixes and feature enhancements to match the user behavior. All this before going to market. The BIG launch is planned for July 2017. Up to that point, the app is live on iOS and Android and we welcome users to beta test.


The solution is a blend of personal and ‘global’, simple to navigate, feeds – which offer a constant flow of users to follow and engage with, as well as the ability to create private groups for a more discrete and immersive interaction.

We wanted to cater for exhibisionist people that have a strong interest in fashion, as well as a more timid user whom may just need a little reassurance for a date; we think we found a fluent blend of both. The private groups act very much like a group chat messenger while the main feeds offer the social interaction and the two combine, intuitively to complement the app.

With the main focus of the app being related to trends and fashions, we needed to provide a system which allows users to follow other users and ‘favourite’ any looks which might inspire them. Ultimately this was achieved with the ‘Wardrobe’ feature which users can save their own images to or those of others they follow; and users can also choose to make their ‘Wardrobe’ public or private.


One of the biggest challenges was each users feed needing to be duplicated to each follower, which of course increases the storage but the UX and responsiveness with it.

Duplicating feeds means the removal of any content becomes very difficult to manage also, particularly where a ‘favourited’ image is concerned. We overcame this by allowing a user to ‘Wardrobe’ an image – which basically means ‘saving’ it to their own account – this duplicates the image only but ‘links’ to the original post, so if the original post gets deleted, the user still has a copy of the image, but does not have the comments and votes which were attached to it.

Another main feature was the “Urgent” posts, because they need to alert the user’s followers with notifications we needed to find a way to limit this so it doesn’t become a frustration when it is one of the USP’s of the app. By doing so we increase it’s value too, encouraging people to choose their urgent situations carefully.



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