A pay-at-table solution for restaurants, with a customer feedback portal


Table Tiger are an innovative start up in the restaurant tech space.  With decades of experience in delivering unique and new to market products to the industry, the team behind Table Tiger came up with a Pay-at-Table solution that also allows direct, efficient and honest feedback and reviews, to finally rid the world of paper surveys and feedback URLs printed on till receipts.


As we move into the world of instant, industries need to keep up.  Consumers are impatient.  Tappable were instructed to create a way that restaurant patrons can pay their bill via a tablet delivered by the waiting staff to the table, and then have the ability to feedback on questions set specifically by the restaurant managers exclusively for that location.  This data then needed to be accessible by management teams instantly, in near realtime to act on disaster prevention rather than recovery.


A simple and intiutive interface that allows users to make payments and fill out a survey.  With a location specific management portal where restaurants can set up their own questions, manage their data, and contact patrons about negative experiences in a much more timely fashion.


The challenge was always going to be around simplicity, and making this solution one that fits as many restaurants as possible from day 1. This means connecting with internal Epos (till) systems, and allowing access to a web portal full of actionable data and insight.

From a UX Standpoint – the product needed to feel trustworthy and credible, as well as suit a multitude of card readers and payment systems.


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