a prop for amazon’s tv hit: the grand tour.

the product

Captain slow, performing in-motion refuelling on the back of a low-loader, and using mobile technology. Nothing could go wrong here?

In the planning of the Grand Tour episode in which James May devises a mobile refuelling service, the guys needed a prop to further enhance the offering. It needed an app for in the car with Richard Hammond (identified in app as being logged in as ‘The Hamster – obviously!) and a tablet app that James May could see the incoming job and accept / decline.
  • Hilariously find a mobile filling station
  • In car app, and mobile filling station app
  • Hilarious digs, and knocks at the team
  • Super slick and modern design


To create an on-brand solution, with personality, comedy and seriousness all crammed in one.  The app needed to lean on features pioneered by Uber, with real time map location and job info.


A hilarious tribute to the team, made on iOS and iPad that combines comedy and the potential for a ground-breaking, never seen before, would never pass regulations, completely dangerous venture that was always destined to fail at the hands of captain slow! We had fun making this.


The biggest challenge was building in the required personality to hit the high standards of the team involved. We named the product ourselves, with a clever play on ‘Fill me up’, and made it really slick and intuitive.

Then it happened…. After building it, we found out last minute it wasn’t to be included in the show. Oh well, we’re proud of it. And if you watch the episode you can hear several references to the App, which we’re taking as a nod to our product.


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