modernising your trip to the doctors, within the Nhs


The Trudoc application is designed to modernise the standard doctor experience.  No more waiting on the phone for hours to get an appointment, then getting out of bed with an illness and making an often lengthy trip to see the doctor.  Now you can see your own doctor – not a random person you have no history with – directly from your smartphone, from home.


To build a platform for patients to have consultation calls with their doctors from their mobile phone.  Doctors use a webcam plugged into their existing machine.  Appointments are set for either an onsite consultation, or a video call where patients are given a login to the app.  At their appointment time the doctor will ring the patient, who answers by simply tapping on their incoming push notification.


A simple to use mobile app paired with an equally intuitive browser based web app for the doctors, unified by a practice management system that has been designed using bespoke software and implementation.  Practice managers can set up their doctors, add patients and schedule appointments.  TruDoc is a multi-layered platform designed for efficiency.


Security was paramount when designing the system, as was creating trust in a new brand.  Patients who are ill do not want a hard-to-master experience, so the interface was designed to emit neutral emotions, and provide a friction free experience to doctors and patients.


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