Learn through play the importance of bees in the world.  


A fascinating exploration of the life inside and outside a beehive.  A world where you can meet the Queen, perform the Waggle Dance, build your honeycomb, harvest nectar and much more.  A visually stunning presentation of some very important messages.  Designed alongside a range of physical products, in partnership with TCC Global.


This product has 2 main functions; to drive collectability of the Unbeelievables toy range and to drive home the environmental messages of how bees are an important part of the circle of life.

Tappable’s brief was simple:  Create a digital product to compliment the physical product and the messaging.  The rest, was up to us!


A guided experience through the app delivers the messages we need in a subtle and understandable way for all ages.  Players are in control of their own Beehive (or BeeHotel), where they must sustain it, grow the population and plant new flowers around the hotel.  The gameplay cycle consists of ~ Searching for nectar ~ telling the other bees where to go ~ collecting the nectar ~ re-planting flowers ~ building the honeycomb and much, much more!


A very graphically led product that relies on several minigames performed in stunning HD requires some clever optimisation to allow the game to run smoothly and efficiently.  The game needed a lot of content and activities to reside within an intuitive play experience and simplified interface, whilst educating and guiding users through the product in a methodical way.


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