An epic tile adventure.


A revolutionary, brand new concept for progression based puzzle games.

We were approached by our client with a concept, an idea, a belief that the world of fast action mobile games – which has been dominated by games like Candy Crush, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds – needs something new. The idea was simple – a tile matching, smashing, fast paced game of ‘match the tile’.

You have a target tile, and below that a grid. You simply smash the tiles on the grid that match the colour of the target tile.

The challenge was to create something exciting and turn that simple concept into a living world. Starting from the brand, all the way to finished product.

  • Charming characters
  • 5 Unique Worlds
  • 75 Vibrant, colourful levels
  • Intuitive, addictive gameplay
  • Smash the tiles to beat your challenge


The gaming market is a particularly tough nut to crack. There’s over 1,500,000 apps in the app store now, and the gaming category is by far the biggest. The object was to create something that offered both addictive gameplay and a reason to purchase on the app through IAP’s. First we needed to research the existing market and really define what it is that makes these great successes, a great success!Then we needed to identify how we could take a simple tile based puzzle solution and turn it into an entity of it’s own; bring it to life!

Then we needed to identify how we could take a simple tile based puzzle solution and turn it into an entity of it’s own; bring it to life!

We needed a game, a solid brand, a story and an identity.



About the product, what is it, how it works, how we arrived at our solution and why it’s a good product.

Yomo was a name given to us by the client, the rest was a creation of around 40 logo concepts, and a whole bunch of time. Once the logo and brand was realised, it was on to creation of the game concept. We needed a game that followed a specific pattern:

  • Level based
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Immersive world
  • Powerups & lives
  • Fast action and energetic
  • Reason to want to come back
  • Create a non-repetitive cycle of levels

With the client we came up with the idea of there being worlds, and each world has an objective – to free an animal (aka character). Then each animal you free helps you in the game play which follows, by showing you what to smash, boosting your score etc.

In order to really capture the audience we introduced a story, in an attempt to grow a bond between user and the Yomo world. With short animated sequences that tell the tale of the Evil Guko, whom has captured the animals and we must free them.You can see an example of one of the videos here: www.yomothegame.com/


Examples of where design thinking was important or if any technical problems we overcame.

Technically this a very complex game, each level had to be individually considered to make sure the gameplay wasn’t repetitive, so a unique level engine was created to balance a number of things:

  • Tiles breaking at correct times, and balanced
  • The target tile always had correct tiles available to smash
  • Colours of the tiles were not too hard or too easy
  • Combos and swipes were available

The big challenge for a game engine like this is testing, what if the levels were too easy, too hard, or too hard too early. We can test the functionality but not these elements without the help of a large number of people. We engaged with a large group of beta testers and worked through each level individually.


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