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Millennials rather lose a finger than smartphones!

Millennials are at the heart of the digital age, but exactly how engrossed is technology, (their smartphones in particular) into their daily lives? What would you sacrifice to keep your smartphone? To find out, we released a survey asking 500 UK males and females aged...

Pros and cons of Xamarin development

Since the beginning of the mobile age Objective-C and Java have been the go-to languages for iOS and Android development. Recently Swift and Kotlin have emerged as the pretenders to their crowns. However there are alternatives which seek to unify these technologies in...

Will Invision Studio improve your design workflow?

When InVision first announced their new design tool ‘Studio’ was due for release, I was sceptical and didn't intend to look into depth at what they were offering; simply because, there have been so many other companies, introducing new tools before. All of those were...

Marcin forward with Tappable

Deciding to change jobs can be a hard decision. Deciding to change countries is even tougher. But that's what I set out to do earlier this year. I wanted to see what it's like to live in a different country, a different culture. I searched for a company that would not...

How Would your Business Benefit from a Mobile App?

In an age where our mobile phones are constantly in the palm of our hands, it is more important than ever to introduce your business to the digital realm, making your company and its services as accessible and relevant as possible. We deliver ROI driven mobile...

Advance of Technology – No Man Left Behind

Technology has extended the playground for so many things – dare I say all things!? It’s no secret that it has brought uncountable minds and bodies together in various, innovative ways. But as much as it brings people closer, it is also the cause of disparity –...


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