AR & VR are not just for entertainment, they can serve a purpose in business. Let’s take a look.

With more and more accessible VR (Virtual Reality) hardware coming to market, and more relevant implementations of AR (Augmented Reality) appearing daily, it’s clear to see in 2019 both these methods of delivering digital content and experiences have not lost momentum at all.  

Let’s remember that Virtual Reality has been around decades, maybe even longer when we look at the very first panoramic photos from the 1900’s, this was an attempt to capture scenes beyond the realm of normal vision, then as technology advanced there were stereoscopic photos and viewers, you may remember the iconic red ViewMaster from more recent times.

Now AR/VR and ‘Mixed Reality’ experiences are bringing entertainment to the next level, as well as providing a platform for business to deliver content and experiences in ways never before possible. From allowing architects to explore room-scale models, allowing engineers to design products and prototypes that interact with ‘real’ physics before ever molding anything physical, all the way to KFC training staff to prepare chicken and factories teaching health and safety practices through VR. You can put people into virtual environments & scenarios that are prohibitive in the world.

This new way of delivering content, messaging, experiences and entertainment are finally reaching the masses. 

We put together a piece based around where we think these technologies fit in business, and where it might go in the near future with some real-life examples of highly valuable implementations of the technology.

Our guide covers the following: 

  • History of VR & AR
  • What is Mixed Reality
  • Where are we now with the tech?
  • Entertainment
  • AR & VR for Business 
    • Training, inductions
    • Medical / health sector
    • Engineering
    • Product Demonstrations
    • Education

If you would like to talk to us about how AR & VR would benefit you, your business, or deliver your idea to the world, then get in touch.

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