vr makes presenting a product an enjoyable experience.


Presenting one of the worlds’ leading oil companies in 360º VR video.

This project really helps to highlight, how mobile technology can play a hugely influential and productive role, in every sector of business. Applications are useful for presenting, marketing, sharing and experiencing. In industries where safety precautions limit general access – mobile technology can provide a fascinating insight into even the most restricted areas. Connecting everyday users with the creation process forms a greater interest and understanding of the product.
  • View VR Videos using headsets
  • Use your phone as a virtual window
  • Stream, or download the experiences


ADNOC have a substantial presence across the globe so the brand guidelines were understandably strict. We needed to provide a simple navigation UI which could be easily operated via headset or handset and offer both streaming and downloadable content options.


We designed two menus within the app, one for users to interact with by touch, the second is within the headset mode. Users can navigate without removing the headset, purely by turning their head and focusing on options for a couple of seconds to select it.


The in-headset menu needed to be considered as even millennials that are growing up with touch screen technology, will not necessarily intuitively know how to navigate without touch options. The right amount of feed-back and selection time had to be tried and tested. Videos provide the majority of content within the app, so we built a framework to easily update video files. Also, the streaming links of the videos are sometimes changed, so we built a small web-service to allow the URL’s to be changed without having to submit app updates to the respective app stores.


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