An ROI focussed mobile strategy that drives efficiency, and productivity.


A truly, innovative example of how mobile software can streamline your business.

In partnership with HouseSimple, we worked closely with their in-house design and tech team, to help them develop a modern job management, house valuation reporting tool and a system that reduces internal administration, which complements their modern take on house selling.
  • Native iOS & Android Apps
  • Integration into existing client systems
  • Assisted enterprise distribution
  • Simple and efficient job booking and completion
  • Intelligent push notification strategy
  • Secure management of sensitive data


The client approached us with a working system, one not dissimilar to many used across similar sectors. Jobs booked online, emailed to field agents, some back and forth agreeing times and availability – then the report completion itself, visiting site, using multiple pieces of hardware to take photos, record details and finally sifting through it all to upload to the central system later that day.


We designed an application which utilizes location-based booking filtering – meaning agents were only offered relevant bookings. Appointment selection is quickly verified and instantly updates the system; meaning no frustration of multiple bookings, or time wasted in a booking no longer available.

Visiting site with a mobile device means data is reported immediately, with the native camera quality meaning images can be taken directly on the device – but not associated with the device camera library, so all images are completely secure and not stored on the device. Details upload directly to the central system and are instantly available which speeds up the process for all parties.


One of the biggest challenges was integrating into an existing api which was written for a website design originally. Fortunately, both teams were flexible and accommodating, with just a couple of brief skype calls and phone calls – requirements were set and met and collaboration went smoothly. The second most challenging part was realising Apple would not allow the app to be distributed via the App Store as it was deemed an enterprise model. With some consultation and experience, we were able to assist with creating an Enterprise account with Apple and oversaw the distribution via an industry standard distribution platform. This actually gave even more control to the management of the userbase and allowed controlled beta testing in a live environment of updates to the app, which continues to refine and grow.


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