A tool to help field sales operatives sell more


Modernising the sales peoples process, by removing the laminated ring bound folder and replacing with a content packed iPad.

This was one of our first opportunities to create a productivity tool for a sector which would not, usually, associate itself with mobile technology. Most techie people, probably wouldn’t get excited by the prospect of selling chips – but we see opportunity in every market and have a wealth of experience to bring to the table (pun fully intended).

  • Competitor cost comparison
  • Generate quotes and email directly to the client
  • Guided question trees to control the conversation
  • Super simple, and efficient
  • Full product catalogue


The concept is very simple – it takes a pretty standard sales script which is used to determine customer requirements. The answers to each question move towards different service solutions, which best suit the client, matching their criteria.


The operative requirement was suited to Tablet, the design of which was set accordingly. The criteria matching was provided to us by the client, so all we needed to do was ensure the UI navigation was intuitive and all possible journeys led to their correct outcomes. We implemented a reporting tool which allowed the user to input a recipient email and instantly send the results of the process to the customer. This meant no interruption to the sales process, which encourages immediate buy-in and sign-off.


The biggest challenge for us at the time, was time – as often is the case, the deadline was tight. We had a mere 6 week turnaround from contact to delivery and with a considerable amount of client changes – fortunately, we thrive under pressure.


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