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Capture the sights and sounds of the world around you with Momedio. Save the sound of your baby’s laughter, your first go on the guitar or the soothing sounds of nature – just take a photo in the app and record three seconds of audio to match it. Save each moment or share them to your favourite social-media channel.


Some ideas kept simple really work, and the idea of Momedio was to do just that.  We were tasked with creating a product that lets you capture moments, in the shape of a still image with a 3 second audio clip.  A truly unique way to create new memories without the pressures of being infront of a video camera.  The brief was simple, a brand, an identity, and a way to achieve just that.  Momedio was born.


A simple to use deliberately uncluttered product that just ‘worked’.  We created an iOS app for our client that stands bodly with a daring brand, yet calmly influencial in it’s appeal.


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