Classic game mechanic which took the world by storm.


remastered by the hugely successful retailers, Hoogvliet, Cora and Match, to drive in-store loyalty campaigns. Collect the plush characters to unlock them in the game.

The retail giants, Hoogvliet, Cora and Match, wanted a simple game to launch alongside their educational, sea-life campaigns – which allows users to choose from a selection of unique, custom-illustrated characters, each playable within their own environment. The characters would also be collectible as real world, soft toys, available to purchase from the respective stores.
  • Unique collectable characters
  • One touch play controls
  • High score chaser


We worked closely with the global marketing powerhouse TCC Global, who had been tasked with running a campaign for the retailers. The campaign required a simple and fun game which would be suitable for all ages. The game was intended to complement other merchandise being marketed within the retailer stores. The unique characters were already illustrated by TCC Global as flat marketing visuals, which were to be turned into animated, playable characters within the game.


We chose to use a side-scrolling, ‘endless runner’ genre, and decided to clone the (in)famous flappy bird mechanic, which lends itself very well to the characters and environments requested. We wanted to add in subtle animations such as blinking eyes and moving limbs, to really bring the characters to life. We applied very slight differences to the physics of each character to offer a varied gameplay across each, but without affecting the gameplay too dramatically.


All the illustrations were provided to us as flat, marketing visuals – so we needed to slice out each character and detach limbs and create eye lids to give them expression.

Some of the illustrations were drawn in different positions which did not work as side-scrolling or swimming poses, so we had to find another illustrator that could copy the style and re-draw the characters in a swimming position.

The backgrounds were provided in a single flat image so we sectioned them into several, seamless pieces – then randomly called these to provide a varied experience with each play through.


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