Roshambo Live

a nationwide knockout game of Rock paper scissors, for money.  yep, we built that


We worked with Live Tech Games to create a live game of Rock Paper Scissors.  The idea was to create a casual play experience that appeals to everyone, doesn’t need teaching, is free to play, and gives away money.  Working together we proved the need for live gameshow-on-your-phone type experiences.

The mechanics are simple, you log on at game time, and play against the nation in a realtime knockout competition where the winner bags some cash.  It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s incredibly addictive!


We wanted to deliver a ‘gameshow on your phone’ experience for everyone, and build technology that facilities significant user numbers, realtime gameplay and is super fun to play and easy to pick up.  The classic game of Rock Paper Scissors was where we started to demonstrate the capabilities of the underlying technology.  The bigger challenge was proving there is a monetisation model that works without every charging the user to play.


A technical Everest behind the scenes. Roshambo Live was launched to the world in September 2020 for the first beta season.

The game now allows venues, companies, offices to run their own private games via a validated B2B model. 

Use case example:   A bar or restaurant runs a game for patrons onsite at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and the winner gets a £50 bar tab!  It drives footfall, stay extensions and awesome word of mouth.


Having decided to build something that not many people have ever built, we had many hurdles to overcome, for example:  How to scale & build a system to support 2m current realtime users for 15 minutes a day, and the server stone cold for the rest of the day.  How to process and manage splitting users into matches of 2, and start the game within a 3 second window.  How to manage connections to mobile devices that rely on true realtime connections … and thousands more.  Stay tuned for the book, one day!


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